Friday, May 30, 2014

BB and Duke

Lately you guys are talking up a storm! The cutest part is what Libby calls herself and Luke. She is "BB" for Libby and Luke is "Duke," doesn't have the L sound yet. Its so sweet :) Luke- you do not call yourself or herself anything- you just point and grunt if needed!  You both say "nite nite" now which is so sweet, both at nap time and at bed time. Not sure if you are saying it to me, or each other, but either way is pricless. Meal times are comical because Libby will eat and try anything and Luke is picky picky- so Libby is saying " yummy" every 5 minutes and Luke is saying  "no" and pushing his food away.  Your favorite things to do right now are to dance- serious dance parties in this house. Swings at the park are a big hit, and with summer coming, splash pads and swimming pools are slowly climbing into the number activity for fun!  At home you guys love to check the mail, but really dislike the lawn mower (likes tears) Libby likes to feed her baby dolls and draw; Luke loves his train set and any push toys. But I think my favorite thing is to watch you learn- you guys soak up so much so quickly!  We are practicing shapes and colors- Luke- you LOVE the alphabet and without a doubt can name the letter or sound to at least 20 of the 24 letters- easily!!
Hope you both know how much you are loved and how fun it is to be your mom :)


We got to meet Amy and Matt's new baby- baby Boone, Daddy and Libby had their first Daddy/daughter date sponsored by Chick fil a, Libby into moms makeup again and Whit came over to babysit with Aunt Pam Pam one night and spoiled you both :)

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